Patient Birth Stories

When Things Don’t Go Your Way: The Best Cesarean Possible

Six and a half years ago I headed in for one of my last OB appointments before the birth of my daughter Arden.  I was almost 39 weeks and very excited for the unmedicated, natural birth of my daughter.  At the appointment I found out she was breech.  My doctor “gave”...

Baby Ethan

After an early dinner of Pho on Thursday, Laura and I decided on a trip to Target for soap, triscuits, pretzels, and baby shower thank you cards. We got home and watched a little TV when I got hungry and wanted a little more to snack on. A trip across the street for a...

Baby Simran

The birth of my second child, my second daughter, was much less dramatic than that of my first. But not a moment of it was less special. I want her to know that. There I was, a full forty weeks pregnant, and no one ever thought I’d make it this far, least of all me....

A Vaginal Birth After Two Cesarean Sections (VBAC2C)

By Lucie Welch 7 ½ years ago I delivered fraternal twins, a boy and a girl. After 6 years of trying and many, many fertility treatments we finally got pregnant with the help of IVF. We were beyond thrilled! When I was 12 weeks pregnant my husband deployed to Iraq.  I...

Baby James

How I almost had a baby in the car and why that matters for you. A few weeks ago, we joyfully welcomed our little boy into the world. The entire car ride to the hospital though, my body was pushing even though I didn’t want to (not yet!) – anyone who’s had a baby...

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